Passenger elevator

Scientific and technological intelligent manufacturing, stable and comfortable;

       Sail passenger lift improves carrying efficiency effectively based on operation advantages including safe and reliable, comfortable and stable, energy saving and environmental friendly; responding to passenger flow flexibly, speeding up urban tempo, which is applied widely in high level places like resident, office building, hotel and large scale shopping mall and so on;

Double 32 bit CPU, high performance and efficiency

       Computer control panel with optimal performance, 32 bit industrial ARM controller with high performance; precise and rapid signal; outstanding comfort; strong anti electromagnetic interference ability; strong antistatic ability;

Permanent magnetic synchronous door machine with high efficient and comfort

       Adopt permanent magnetic synchronous door machine with large driving force and high electric efficiency; adopt electric machine synchronous belt to transmit carry-over moment with compact door structure; the permanent moment, unique curve operation status can make smooth adjustment over elevator speed, improving greatly sense of comfort, leveling precision and operation noise of elevator.








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