Bed elevator

Warm environment, healthy and green way

      Broad handrail, anion air purification inside lift car; humanistic detail design life exclusive controller box for the disabled; creating warm and comfortable environment;

      Sail bed elevator gives full consideration on special demand of hospital in design process, making elevator play easily medical apparatus for convenience of medical workers;

Multi-type door opening

      One-sided door opening in well; respective door opening in front and behind well, connecting door opening; matching flexibly to construction environment of hospital, satisfying diversified demands;

Highly efficient carry, perfect medical space

      Adopt advanced VVVF system; generate the most stable operation curve command by computer, achieving quiet and comfortable operation;

Humanistic care and design

      Install emergent device for power off, realizing transferring patients out of lift car even under the circumstance of power off, guaranteeing normal treatment over patients



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