Villa elevator

Life lift, all-round care

       Sail Villa lift integrates humanistic care into aspects of elevator, while taking special care about the old and children into consideration; special problem of ascending with goods load, reinforcement over application of intelligent function make you feel about convenience brought about by scientific technology;

Household appliance era, green and energy saving

       220V civil use voltage; safe and environmental friendly; the power consumption is equal to common home appliance; the rated load 320KG villa lift can operate for 300 to 600 times with one degree of electricity after strict test;

New design, lift car protection

       New design in lift car, wall, and landing door framework expands space; increase handrail to reduce collision and injury to people and goods; providing an excellent solution to safe elevator environment;

New technology, emergency self rescue

       When power off or trapping in malfunction, the elevator starts automatically emergent self-rescue system; open descending valve in pump station through battery in control cabinet according to voice hint, making lift car decline gradually to ground floor and realize self-rescue by opening landing door;






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