Freight elevator

Highly efficient, energy saving, and safe; bear heavy load without worry

      SAIL goods lift is ideal carrier of vertical transportation of goods from performance to detail; it can carry heavy load no matter in industrial plant, shopping center, shopping warehouse, or station and wharf and so on, providing highly efficient and superior solution for carrying;

Highly efficient vector frequency converter

      The frequency converter adds feature of high torque with low frequency based on high level of performance; the built-in programmable function can respond completely to novel high-end application; selection of parts with long service life and convenient operation maintenance design satisfy requirements of engineers, leading development of healthy and environmental friendly products;

Energy saving frequency converter main machine

      Adopt rare earth materials, abversion structure, permanent magnetic synchronous motor for drive; cancel sub-turbine for transmission in structure; integrate sufficiently coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency converter technology and group control computer technology; possessing advantages like energy conservation, environmental protection, space saving and comfortable experience and so on;

Safe and reliable control system

      Adopt comfortable and stable VVVF with low energy consumption to make full-closed loop control over elevator, saving energy by 20%; ensure stability of elevator in deceleration through special graphic curve, providing passengers with comfortable experience;
Stable and safe transportation channel, optimal helper for green carry;

      SAIL goods lift with or without machine room applies advanced control system, safety system and operation system, satisfying goods space and safety requirement for loading, ensuring safe and stable operation of elevator, which is optimal choice for goods transportation;



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