SAIL escalator-safety comes first;

     SAIL escalator series of products provide two choices for selection; 35 degree escalator-saving space;

     30 degree of escalator, providing optimal sense of comfort in operation, which is appropriate for places with large passenger flow like shopping mall, supermarket, subway and airport and so on;

Make precaution, three safety protection devices

      Anti-reverse operation: dual supervision in tractor and stair to find reverse operation in the first time, ensuring no risk at all;

       Anti-blocking: be attached with brake with friction design to ensure no emergent stopping of escalator; there is certain displacement in brake disc when brake moving, to stop elevator slowly, eliminating slide, guarantee safety of passengers;

       Anti-jump: there is anti-jump groove set in anti-jump device; when there is accidental jump of stairs, it can respond rapidly and the escalator will brake in time.

Large truss design
       Adopt finite element analysis, the rigidity and anti-warp has reached internationally advanced level;

Arching fixation method
       Arching part is connected with truss part preventing effectively transformation of truss;

Support force scheme
       Wide escalator support design scheme, relieving effectively load-bearing of truss;



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