Dumbwaiter elevator

Stable carrying of goods, free from worry; dumb waiter

      SAIL dumb waiter provides convenient, rapid and economical vertical transportation for small scaled goods lift in all kinds of buildings, saving time and labor, which can be widely applied in places like hotel, canteen and library;

      Free and flexible civil engineering structure;  choose machine room civil engineering well according to difference in structure, improving freedom in construction design;

      Small occupation space; no need for strong civil engineering bearing capacity,

      Door protection system; perfect opening, flexible and highly efficiently, convenient installation, adjustment; design strictly according to national standards;

      Integrated landing door lock, avoiding effectively non-synchronous mechanical electrics, improving safety of operation;

      Diversified lift car design, satisfying different demands from different buildings to the largest extent;

Dumbwaiter elevator

Dumbwaiter elevator

Dumbwaiter elevator

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