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SAIL escalator-leading environmental protection

       SAIL escalator series of products; adopt advanced intelligent technology to ensure stable elevator operation; all kinds of humanistic design, wide pedal, round handrail, striking lamp belt manifest detailed care, appropriate for places with large passenger flow like shopping mall, supermarket , subway, and airport and so on;

Highly efficient parallel bevel wheel gear reducer
       Transmission of helical gear possesses advantages like large contact ratio, long line of contact, improving transmission efficiency by 15% compared with traditional worm drive

Automatic lubrication system
       According to functional examination control, adopt automatic lubrication system, ensuring power transmission among each part, providing stable operation speed, improving service life efficiently;

Optimized linear handrail drive system
       Compared with curve transmission, the linear transmission is characterized as small curve points, low operation resistance, and high transmission efficiency; the optimized transmission system can reduce energy consumption by 25%;

Stair silence technology
       The stair wheel adopts advanced imported polyurethane material with wear resistance and low noise, making operation silent without pollution and odor;

Moving walk

Moving walk

Moving walk

Moving walk

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