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Outstanding quality, smooth operation

Sail Intelligent Elevator originates from Germany, and each detail, performing outstanding quality;

Perfect matching with highly precise parts, achieving smooth operation

Open infinite elevator world

Culture: integrity, pragmatic, high-quality, first-class!

Business philosophy: the endless pursuit of excellence, advancing with a future!

Team concept:Target the same direction, lead weight, understanding trust, risk sharing.

The company advocates geese teamwork. Create the most competitive elevator boutique business is Theo people a common goal. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should own team loyalty, heavy responsibilities, their potential and hard work, to become the "lead goose" in a team; to trust one another, with the tacit understanding, dedication, united, in the fierce competition in the market winds blow waves stroke tackle tough, and ultimately realize the value of life in enterprise development strategic objectives simultaneously.

Talent Concept:People fit their bit right of its people

As long as companies are willing and able to work hard, positive contributions, that is, companies need talent. In the selection of personnel, the first consideration is the knowledge, skills and jobs that require workers to make the best combination of both, to maximize the expertise and capabilities of each worker.

Quality concept:High standards of refinement zero defect high standards, fine, zero defect, is the basic requirement for enterprise workers, but also the workers' basic attitude. High standards is a prerequisite, refinement is the basic requirement, is the ultimate goal of zero defects. Three interlocking, are indispensable.


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