Elevator Seller Detail
Place: Suzhou Amout: 3
Pay: 3000-3500 Department: sales department
Sex: any Age: any
Experience: At least 2 years experience
Operating duty: Job Responsibilities
1, sales positions, under the leadership and supervision of the superior finish quantified work requirements, and can independently deal with tasks;
2, customer relationship management, sales tasks;
3, explore and understand the customer needs and the desire to buy, introduce their own advantages and characteristics of the product;
4, to provide professional advice;
5, to collect potential customer data, collecting project information;
6, collect accounts receivable.

1, college degree or above, marketing and other related professionals;
2, more than two years of work experience in the sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred;
3, outgoing, responsive, expression ability, strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, with affinity;
4, have a certain market analysis and judgment, good sense of customer service;
5, professionalism, responsibility, able to work under pressure.


Add: No.999, Badu Lingang Development Zone(Fenglin Bay), Zhenze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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