Elevator up and down, civilization can not come

       At least do two things: first manage yourself, manage the family, starting with me, when the boy role models; Secondly uncivilized elevator inside the courage to say "no" to come forward to discourage.

       Moved into the top, and every day to deal with the elevator, take the elevator in the process, also found that some disappointing uncivilized phenomenon: Elevator Neiming Ming posted no smoking signs, but the addict who still go its own way, in the elevator smoke, messing elevator pandemonium; you have something to worry or hurry down the stairs to catch up classes, but always someone pressed the switch dominate the elevator.

       Elevator civilization seems trivial, in fact, is not small, and it can be said occupant households connected closely. As district residents, an elevator occupant, who does not want to take the elevator always clean, civilized and orderly every day? I believe the reason all understand, but why it is difficult to act? The reason is not complicated, accustomed to see more do not blame, who are willing to change yourself? Therefore, maintaining elevator civilization, the most fundamental thing is to improve the quality of civilization itself inhabitants efforts. At least do two things: First, manage yourself, manage the family, starting with me, when the boy an example, resolutely farewell uncivilized habit; secondly, the courage to say "no", the elevator encounter uncivilized acts, to come forward out to be discouraged and to stop, not to form a climate uncivilized phenomenon.

       Elevator maintenance civilization in particular, need to force managers. Elevator cell culture conditions, reflects the style of work and management administration. Nowadays, in some residential areas, a lot of rental housing, base rent phenomenon is not uncommon, due to the lack of effective management, coupled with uneven quality tenants, which gives the district management lay hidden. Thus, effectively increase the rental management is to maintain the source of the elevator lift civilization, the first move. Elevator safeguard civilization, residential property and the neighborhood are duty-bound. Property regard should effectively increase investment, such as the installation of surveillance cameras in the elevator and found uncivilized phenomenon timely discipline. Committees to strengthen the community building of spiritual civilization, the civilization and spiritual civilization construction elevator important content, increase publicity and education efforts and sharing, through the development of the Convention on the cell culture, cultivate and improve residents citizenship, strengthen the daily management and supervision and other initiatives, the elevator civilization is truly implemented.

       Or on that sentence, elevator promoted or demoted, the elevator can only civilization, can not come.


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