Prediction of the elevator industry trends - intelligent group control technology to lead the industry

      In the elevator increasing homogenization, the intelligent group control technology will lead the development of the industry trend. Although the smart group control technology has been applied, but the limited range of applications, mainly in large hotels and high-end office buildings.
      Elevator group control system is the installation of a plurality of elevators in a building and the elevators with a computer connected. The computer can capture a variety of signals to each elevator, calculated scheduling algorithm issue control instructions to each elevator. In short, the elevator group control technology based on building traffic volume changes, for each elevator running status for the deployment, the purpose is to achieve the best service elevator Groups and reasonable operating management.
      The traditional group control algorithm has only one objective, namely, the minimum waiting time. In modern high-rise buildings of certain traffic patterns, it can not require every elevator to serve each floor, so research elevator group control system scheduling algorithm has important practical significance. Smart technology not only represents the industry group control technology development, but also will bring more convenience.

      Comments: When we take the elevator every day, often encounter such a scenario, that is, when you press the call button, the elevator to wait a long time to arrive, wasting a lot of time. Traditional elevator control algorithm causes the low efficiency of the elevator, the elevator prone to get together, leading to the user for a long time waiting for a long time and boarding ladder, and excessive number of starts and stops the elevator, resulting in waste of energy. Take intelligent elevator group control technology can avoid this from happening.


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