Elevator maintenance rules

      For the safe operation of elevators, elevators need to carry out regular maintenance, check and repair. Elevator and elevator machine room administrator on duty electrician is responsible for elevator emergency repair work when a fault occurs, the head of engineering company responsible for the maintenance of the elevator failure to monitor the work of the organization, and is responsible for elevator maintenance management to establish the rail system. Elevator maintenance and management of the rail system including:

      1 month after the maintenance of the rail system overhaul complete the "elevator month maintenance records." Elevator month maintenance records maintenance projects to clean up examination survey recorded portion of the recording of adverse circumstances and results room

      1, the traction sheave clean

      2, check the governor and electrical contacts

      3, check the brake pad wear

      4, layer selection sift

      5, the control cabinet all electrical and mechanical cleaning contacts, the contact, relays and body resistance hoistway
      (1), batteries, battery check
      (2), and outside the door coupling inspection, cleaning, oiling
      (3), the hanger inside and outside wheel, wheel stop, external doors are closed, a check rail cleaning
      (4), and outside the gates and lock the door interlock switch contacts inside and clean
      (5), check the door interlock wiring

      6, adapter plate assembly

      7, a variety of switch contact check

      8, strip cleaning, oiling, check strip switch

      9, try wiping speed steel bottom of each equipment inspection, cleaning, oiling.

      Maintenance and repair people certifier for major equipment within the room. Fill out the "elevator maintenance record quarter" after complete overhaul. Elevator season maintenance records, maintenance records survey project to clean up bad check case part of the record and the results room

      1, the motor cooling fan oiling

      2, power switch

      3, the control panel, signal disc clean, tight body and lead screw shaft assembly of a machine of the internal check box

      2, the internal doors electromechanical, resistance box, junction box check

      3, door mechanical gear box, connecting rods, chains, belts confiscated

      4, plus rail assembly and check rail gap

      5, check the main wire wear, clean, balanced tension

      6, check the fan and clean car

      7, and a slow pit conflict check and clean the oil filter maintenance man certifier

      3-year maintenance rail system

      Each year the elevator machine operating performance as well as a secure facility for examination. Comfort functions include the whole ride, running vibration, noise, speed, leveling accuracy. Safety features include overspeed protection, phase failure, wrong phase protection, relief and conflict hit bottom assembly, beyond the protection of the lower limit position and the like. Fill out the "elevator in maintenance records" after the machine repair is completed.


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