Civil Engineer Detail
Place: Suzhou Amout: 2
Pay: Negotiable Department: Technical Department
Sex: man Age: 20-25
Experience: There are more than 1 year experience
Operating duty: Job Requirements:

1, college education, with more than 1 year relevant work experience in civil mapping elevator;
2, dignified appearance, dedicated hard-working, pragmatic serious, rigorous and carefully;
3, can skillfully use CAD software to complete preliminary drawings, contract drawing projects.

Job description:
1, making quotations, tenders, PPT and other work reports;
2, the regional government tender documents, evaluation criteria by a summary analysis;
3, to assist the local regional sales data statistical analysis, coordinating the company to meet the requirements
4, tracking the targets and tasks of all branches and regional sales.


Add: No.999, Badu Lingang Development Zone(Fenglin Bay), Zhenze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Mrs Hu:158 5165 8877

Tel: 0512-63825700

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