Introduction to the development trend of elevator industry in 2017

After nearly 10 years of rapid development, the elevator industry from a strange to the development of the industry, a household industry development become ordinary people can come into contact with every day.2017 elevator market trend, we can analysis from the following points:

A growth, elevator technology

Professional must be depends on accumulation and precipitation.We Chinese savvy intelligence, the ability to fight alone the world range.But a person shine at a point is not equal to the entire team on the entire face, also must have a broad mind and good professional ethics, in addition to share his experience and skills to come out to let everyone recognize and grasp, consider the impact of their plan for the follow-up work situation, as the elevator industry has firm root in China, after the elevator installation maintenance technology will greatly improve, increase the elevator safety.

Second, we are in a what kind of age?

Often hear some popular words: \"the time has come for a big data\", \"we have now entered the industrialization 4.0 era\", \"now it has been a jump a layer of elevator technology\" and so on, the fact is: big data is not improve product quality, the industry of German nation in 4.0 under the premise of to the requirements of supply and demand is very clear, in order to reduce labor costs and on the premise of basic industry developed quite mature derived intelligent industrial system, is developed on the basis of a solid 3.0 conveniently, must go hand in hand in the related fields to achieve a level under the premise of can be achieved.

Third, the application of new technology is the trend of The Times

The elevator is no longer the elevator we see five years ago.Such as elevators, originally only half round and two kinds of diamond, sightseeing elevator now has four sides all around sightseeing (more) at the airport, there is one, two, three tourist and full circle, and many other species.The application of new technology for improving the performance of the elevator also provides a possible, provide personalized construction more choices.

In the next few years due to the expansion of our market and export sales continue to increase, industry integration will become explosive, at the same time there will be new investors to enter the industry with annual sales of 50 billion yuan.


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